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Alex in "Cats"




sitting at our $1,100.00/night table well stocked w/ alcohol and served by bunnies

Jan and his car -2006 pontiac VIBE (aka toyota)



sitting at our $1,100.00/night table well stocked w/ alcohol and served by bunnies

Jan and his car -2006 pontiac VIBE (aka toyota)
The Koszewski news... Here are some photos taken at the Reindeer Ramble in Lexington. There's a shot of Bianca, me and Alex at the top of the list, and then one further down as we approach the finish line in full glory!! The 'race' is a fundraiser to benefit the YMCA's Campaign for Kids. Bianca will chair the fundraising effort for our branch of the YMCA this next year! The link is:
By the way, we got a 2nd place spirit trophy for our festive garb!

FYI. Lukas’ band, Emarosa, has their CD release performance tomorrow (May 3)in Lexington. Expect the whole clan to make it for that!

Anyway, went to the myspace website for the band, then to the ‘top artists’ link on myspace and lo and behold, nationwide under the indie category the boys are like 12th in the screamo genre, 27th for experimental and 57th for hardcore. Guess they have some fans! Maybe put a link to the band’s website on the Zaffarano web page so the family can keep track of Lukas’ exploits and where they’re playing? Or is that shameless promoting by his dad?

(Editor's note: Yes, Knicki, it IS shameless!!!)

Barney-loved by the Koszewski's and enjoyed by all...


News from Nick:
Barney was put to sleep this afternoon. He seemed to be in good spirits on Christmas morning; even managed to chew his way through one of his Christmas presents! Was joking with the Riddles that afternoon at dinner about how nothing seemed to be able to slow the little guy down, but upon our return late yesterday afternoon we knew something had changed rather dramatically. He struggled mightily to get up and greet us and go out, but couldn't manage to get himself up. Even after I would get him propped up he would struggle a few steps and then collapse on his side unable to move. Bianca medicated him, but he had a rough night as he was restless and his breathing was rather labored. By this AM both Bianca and I knew it was finally time. How many times had we had similar thoughts these past few months, only to watch him rally and amaze us as he continued carrying on as the distinguished old gentledog of the family. Not this time, for it was clear that he was scared and disoriented, and so early this afternoon, everyone having said their good-byes, Barney passed from this world quietly and peacefully in the family living room. We will certainly miss that little dog, with his funky ears and white-tipped tail. Mostly I will miss his smile and his unyielding devotion to our kids. We could learn a lot from a dog such as that. So even though my eyes are filled with tears writing this note, I would speak for the family and say not to be too sad as he lived a long, and hopefully happy, life and brought many a smile to those who met him.