"Throughout Iowa's history, contributions from volunteers have helped make our cities, our towns, our schools and our state a much better place in which to live, work, and raise a family. The Governor's Volunteer Award program was established in 1982 to honor and recognize the commitment, service and time that hundreds of volunteers contribute each year to Iowa's state agencies.

In recent years, the program has been expanded to include the people who donate their time and talents to assist Iowa's nonprofit organizations and city governments, as well as those who volunteer their service to the same organization for many years.

State agencies and nonprofit organizations are encouraged to honor their exceptional volunteers by selecting them for a Governor's Volunteer Award in one of three categories: Individual; Group; or, Length of Service.

Award recipient criteria include an individual or group who has:

*demonstrated exceptional commitment to volunteerism by helping a state or city agency or nonprofit organization with a special project or ongoing activities

*demonstrated leadership, creativity, cooperation and hard work in their service to others.

*made an outstanding contribution to state or community through volunteer service, recognizing that volunteer commitment enhances financial commitment and creates better communities."

Dario was nominated by Sylvia Munsen for his work with the Ames Children's Choirs (he has been treasurer for a couple of years or so but before that a member of her board -- lets the board use his conference room for its meetings, etc.) although, as you know, he does quite a bit more volunteer stuff.

Dario honoredDario award
News of Bianca Bianca has been selected to serve as President of the Lexington chapter of the Business Network International. Her term starts in October. It's a pretty high honor. This is a select group of business people which meets weekly for 1 1/2 hours Friday mornings to share information about each person's business. The group is comprised of one person (after a screening process) representing each profession. The fact that Bianca was selected in the Vet field several years ago speaks highly of her standing in that community, I think.