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Reunion Sept. 24-27th!

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Written by Frank Zaffarano


Calling All Angels - Jane Siberry

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January 5 '86 -
January 27 '94
January 28 '63
January 31 '22
March 9 '92
March 10 '37
March 11 '86
March 13 '85
March 17 '29
May 6 '52
May 22 '04
May 23 '93
May 27 '63
June 11 '83
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December 20 '90
December 24 '87

Jan Koszewski
Raina Grace Estrem
Sheila Coady
Uncle David Kirkham
Teresa Anne Z.
Jill Marris birthday
Halley Marie Carlson
Julia Rose Zaffarano
Ruth Oppenheimer David
Janice Seibel
Uncle Vincent Zaffarano
Alexandra Suzanne Koszewski
Monica Joy Z
Bianca and Nick Anniversary
David Marris birthday
Nick Koszewski
Erica Joan her sweet self Zaffarano
Marshall Carlson
Anna Zaffarano
Dario Zaffarano
Emma Joy Bailey
Janice and Dario Anniversary
Julia and Nathan Anniversary
Mom and Dad's Anniversary
Erica and Jonathan Anniversary
Mom birthday
Elisa Marie Carlson
Hannah Marie Estrem
Troy Lee Carlson
Bianca Anne Zaffarano
Gina Maria Zaffarano
Jonathan Walther
Evan Lee Carlson AND Nathan Bock!
Lisa and Troy Anniversary
Dad birthday
Jesse and Christopher Walther
Lukas Koszewski birthday


Thanksgiving 2011—Ames

Mt. Horeb, WI, Sibling Reunion 2011

Sibling Reunion 2010—Wabasha

Mom's award

Sibling Reunion 2009-Garst Farm

Bucky's Memorial Site and pics from Bianca

Mama in the Ames Trib

Phoo's Birthday-2008

On the Road with the Kirkhams-2008

Karen's Birthday-2008

Reunion 2008 in Wisconsin

Sibling Reunion in Chicago 2007

Las Vegas for Teddy's 80th

Tennessee in July

Jesse and Chris' Surprise

Colorado Spring Break 2007

Monica's trip to California 2007

150 visionaries for ISU

Check this out! Click on the 50's...

Or, the White Whale

King's Singers

Honor page

Sibling Reunion 2006

Mom's 80th Birthday

Wisconsin Reunion 2006 (Click on the frames to advance, or leave them for a few seconds and they should do it on their own...this is a big download...so be prepared to wait a while.Here are a few movies as well: Cave Point and Cave Point 2 and Cave Point 3, Al Johnsons, AJ 2 , AJ 3, Tranquil Timbers)

Meredith's Funeral

2006 Spring Break in Colorado

Tennessee Family Reunion 2005

Thanksgiving 2005 slide show

Thanksgiving 2005 pics

Alaskan Cruise


Monica's Musha Cay Vacation

Invitation to the Celebration of Life

Dad's Memorial Service Weekend

Tributes to Dad

Sibling Houseboat Reunion 2004

Eagle Bluff Reunion 2004

Sibling Reunion 2003

Michigan Reunion 2003

Sweat Lodge Reunion 2001

Birthdays 2001

Garage page


Summer Reunion in Whitewater State Park 2001


Estes Park Reunion 2000

Look what Hannah found!

If you go to the mother site: http://www.kindredlinks.net, there is more about the Kirkham line...

Family Writing

A Woman Without a Country Gets One—Annie Constance Maybrook

Inventory-after two years—Annie Constance Maybrook

Requiescat in Pace—Ernest Edward Kirkham

Jamaica—Ernest Edward Kirkham